Responsible governance. For a change.

I have, for years, put forward thorough, intelligent, and workable solutions to address Penn State’s issues. Those who know me are aware of my positions regarding Penn State, and of my resolute and unwavering commitment to serve for the benefit of all stakeholders of the University. Those who would like to find out more about me, please keep reading. Or contact me directly, I will reply. Always. — Barry

Key Issues:

  • Penn State NEEDS responsible stewardship provided by those who are committed to serving the University as fiduciaries, not those committed to serving themselves.
  • Penn State NEEDS smart stewards who have invested the time and the effort necessary to understand the issues facing the University.
  • Penn State NEEDS talented stewards who have the skills and abilities to develop proposals that address key University challenges.
  • Penn State NEEDS outspoken stewards who have the commitment and the tenacity to challenge an ingrained and dysfunctional status-quo.

Penn State deserves better, and Penn State Alumni DESERVE the opportunity to support someone who will provide those skills and abilities and commitments.

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Barry’s 2022 Report Card. Penn State trustee accountability starts with me. January 9, 2022

My public comments from the Penn State Board of Trustees Meeting, September 16th 2022. Tldr: Tldr; Yea: 32, Nay: 1 (Fenchak) September 29, 2022

Anatomy of a University Tuition Increase. Why did Penn State pit students against employees? July 29, 2022

How I will fix Penn State. I’ve been a harsh critic of the Penn State Board of Trustees. Here is why you should vote for me to join them. April 8, 2022

Making the case for a Penn State Education. The Class of 2022 is looking at a tuition bill of $84,571 for a four year degree*. How can the Penn State Board of Trustees convince them it’s worth it? March 21, 2022

Dorms, Deflection, and Disinformation. Report from the 17-18 February Penn State Board of Trustees meeting. February 21, 2022

Penn State Wrestling: A Value-Added Powerhouse. Cael Sanderson contributes so much to Penn State that an NFL coach had to find out how he does it. January 21, 2022

Top 5 Priorities for Penn State’s New President. There’s a lot that needs to be fixed on Dr Bendapudi’s first day on the job. January 10, 2022

Does Barry Fenchak ever have anything positive to say? That’s a great question. Allow me to answer. December 17, 2021

Governance Failure in Action: The James Franklin Contract Process. Was this contract actually approved? December 12, 2021

Meet Penn State’s Next President. Neeli Bendapudi has been selected as the University’s 19th leader. December 9, 2021

What are the Ratings Services Saying about Penn State? Under Eric Barron, and the Board of Trustees, Penn State has experienced a dramatic drop in rankings. December 3, 2021

Penn State Board of Trustees meetings: November 2021 – November 21, 2021

Penn State Athletics: Seven Years of Sandy Barbour, Part II – Academics. PSU Athletics: In-classroom success under Sandy Barbour. August 17, 2021

What can Penn State Athletics do in response to the recent SCOTUS rulings? An opportunity to re-awaken the Grand Experiment. July 16, 2021

The SCOTUS vs the NCAA: What the ruling really means. June 21, 2021

Penn State Admi$$ion$: The Changing Admissions Landscape in a Post-COVID Era. June 16, 2021

Where Does Tuition Money Go? June 9, 2021

Penn State Athletics: Seven Years of Sandy Barbour, Part I – On-Field Results: Penn State Athletics: On-Field Success under AD Sandy Barbour. May 18, 2021

In Barry’s Opinion…

My 2022 Penn State trustee report card

Trustee accountability starts with me. 2022 is over, grades have been posted, and we can enjoy the winter break. After six months as an alumni-elected Penn State trustee, I can honestly say I’ve earned it.  Since the election last May, I’ve been overwhelmed by alumni appreciation for my visibility and openness. The comment I’ve heard most often: “They all promise to do this and we never hear from them again…

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Penn State’s East Halls renovation project has me asking some questions.

As the leaves turn here in Happy Valley, my thoughts have been lingering on the dormitory renovations scheduled for the East Halls housing community. East Halls is an on-campus building complex that sits in the northeast section of University Park near Beaver Stadium. The 16 dormitory towers are home to approximately 5,000 Penn State undergrads and include two recently constructed buildings and 14 1960’s-era buildings which have all received…

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Video of Penn State BOT meeting September 16, 2022

Click here to view the video of the Penn State Board of Trustees public meeting Friday, September 16, 2022. Discussion of agenda voting items starts at 22:00. Note: the Office of the Board of Trustees has incorrectly labeled this video as September 22, 2022. A note on the video: At 35:00, Board Chair Matt Schuyler makes a point that there were “five public and private meetings to discuss the…

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My public comments from the Penn State Board of Trustees Meeting, September 16th 2022

Tldr; Yea: 32, Nay: 1 (Fenchak) The Penn State Board of Trustees met Friday, September 16th 2022 at the Penn Stater to vote on six agenda items. As a service to alumni and the public who were unable to access the live broadcast of the meeting*, the following is an excerpt of the public comments I prepared and the vote results for each agenda item. When the video of…

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Penn State Board of Trustees Meeting July 21-22, 2022

Note: As a member of the Penn State Board of Trustees, I will from time to time be made aware of certain confidential information.  I will also engage with Trustees and administrators in private, off-the-record conversations, with the expectation of privacy on both parties. I take these expectations seriously, as they are required in order to catalyze important discussions.As a fiduciary, it is also important that I engage in…

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How I will fix Penn State.

I’ve been a harsh critic of the Penn State Board of Trustees. Here is why you should vote for me to join them. I started paying attention to the Penn State Board of Trustees when it was a sleepy boys club, well before the Sandusky scandal exploded. As an adjunct professor of finance at University Park, I used the Board of Trustees as a case study of how a…

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A Real Plan to Reduce Penn State’s Sky-High Tuition

If anyone tells you tuition cannot be reduced, don’t believe them. Penn State has, by far, the highest in-state tuition of any of her Big10 conference peers.  We are well aware of the administration and Board’s inability to rein in these charges, and seem to have become numb to the excuses about why these crippling costs cannot be brought under control. But they can. In fact, Penn State’s tuition…

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