About Barry

Barry J Fenchak – Chemical Engineering ’84, MBA ‘91

I was born in Ebensburg, Pennsylvania but came to State College at 17 years of age, and have lived in the Park Forest neighborhood ever since. I am a two-time Penn State graduate and the son, husband, brother, brother-in-law, and father of Penn State alumni. My wife and I have raised our family in Happy Valley. You can’t get much more Penn State than me.

After completing my Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering at Penn State/Main Campus in 1984, I worked in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry as a Process/Production Engineer and Production Manager. At the same time I enrolled in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at Smeal College of Business.

After completing my MBA degree in 1991, I opened an Investment Management and Financial Advisory practice in State College. I am a licensed Registered Investment Advisor and Securities Principal, and work with individuals, families, and businesses to develop, implement, and manage investment and financial strategies to secure their financial well-being.

From 1996-2016 I served as an Adjunct Professor at Penn State, teaching undergraduate courses in personal and corporate finance (FIN 108 and 301), as well as accounting principles (ACCT 211).

Position Statement

Penn State University is a complex and dynamic institution, operating in a challenging environment.  My priorities are congruent with taking on the greatest challenges facing our University.

Dedication to furthering the University’s core missions: 

  • Providing a quality affordable education, and sponsoring meaningful and beneficial research.
  • Fiscal responsibility and oversight of the University’s assets and resources.
  • Engaged and active advocacy as a steward for the University and its stakeholders.

Among Penn State’s greatest current challenges and shortcomings are:

  1. The highest in-state tuition of any public university in the nation. This issue has not arisen out of accident or happenstance.
  2. The plummeting of Penn State’s academic standing in the Big Ten – from 4th place to 10th place, and dropping. These issues are not unrelated…. And they must be addressed.
  3. The suffocating costs of administrative waste and largess, being loaded onto the backs of our Students and their Families. These issues are not unrelated…. And they must be addressed.
  4. Drastic declines in the in-state student composition of the Penn State University Park student body. These issues are not unrelated…. And they must be addressed.
  5. The most dysfunctional and the least accountable board of governance among the Big Ten’s public institutions.  A 38 member board which focuses it’s only efforts on in-fighting, self-service, and posturing, rather than serving as Responsible Stewards of the University. These issues are not unrelated…. And they must be addressed.

    I care deeply for my Alma Mater, and there is no one more qualified and committed than I, to take on that responsibility.
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