My ballot position is lucky #7

Elect Barry Fenchak

The Penn State Alumni Trustee election ballot is set and will be delivered to Inboxes before we know it. April 10th, to be exact, and there’s no time to waste. I drew lucky number 7, out of a field of 8 nominees.

I have been overwhelmed with the support I have received since I announced I’d be on the ballot*. This is very gratifying and encouraging. But best of all, everyone is asking What can I do to help?Here are some ideas:

  1. Sign up for my newsletter, and forward it to your friends and family. The more people we can contact with timely information and topical analysis of Penn State governance issues, the better.  Click here to sign up (I don’t share and I don’t spam).
  2.  Letters to the Editor.  Do you like to write?   If so, this is for you. As we near election day, it would be great to see positive recommendations in the local papers. Letters should be submitted no later than April 2nd since many papers may take that long to cycle submissions onto their pages. Click here for a list of local newspapers.
  3. Endorsements. Are you involved with a group that includes a large number of Penn Staters?  Do you know someone who has a large “Penn State Profile”?   If so, I’d love to know about it, and have a chance to talk and see if I could earn that group or individual’s endorsement.  Let me know and help me establish that contact.
  4. Lawn Signs.  We will be distributing and posting as many yard signs as possible, especially in areas with large numbers of Penn State voters.  Would you be willing to put up a sign – maybe get a few friends to join in? Penn Staters are EVERYWHERE – so let’s make sure they can all see those signs.
  5. Donations. Running a campaign is expensive, and any amount you choose to give would be greatly appreciated. A check or Venmo is great, please contact me below.  

We face a tough road ahead and you are a key part of our success. Let’s keep up the enthusiastic social media support – it makes a huge difference. Keep asking questions, keep making the incumbents explain exactly what they’ve been doing the last 9 years. I know I am!

Email me at barry@barryfenchak4trustee with what you’d like to do. Everything is appreciated and will make a difference. April 10th will be here before we know it!

For the glory,


* If you don’t receive a ballot by April 12th you can request a ballot here

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